The Top 9 Bean Soup Recipes For You

Looking for the top bean soup recipes? Soups aren’t just delicious, they are one of the healthiest foods you can eat too. And if you thought soups are boring, you need to think again.

You can put just about anything you want in your favorite soup recipe – from carrots, chicken to even bacon and more. You can prepare them in really no time, making it ideal for cooking when you have unexpected guests over or after a hectic work day.

While you would need a lot of veggies for these dishes, you can buy them really quick as most supermarkets and your local market would have these. We bring to you some great bean soup recipes that are sure to send your taste buds tingling all the way.

The Top 9 Bean Soup Recipes You Can Try Out.

So, what are the top bean soup recipes you can try out? We had a look online, and found some really interesting and nutritious ones you can try out.

1. Thirty Minute Black Bean Soup

30 Minute Black Bean Soup


According to Perfection Pending, you can make this soup in a flat 30 minutes. And it’s not just that you would love about this – it has got everything from worcestershire sauce to chicken broth, making this a delicious affair for all.

2. Crock Pot Ham and Bean Soup

Crock Pot Ham and Bean Soup


Spend with Pennies has it as one of their all time favorites, primarily because it’s a lot easier preparing it, and is perfect for any family meal. You don’t need to soak it and all you need is a few minutes of preparation time, making it ideal.

3. Five Bean Soup

Five Bean Soup


Looking for one of the healthier bean soups out there? This one, from Six Sisters Stuff, may be just what you were looking for. Packed with everything from black beans to kidney beans and chicken broth, you sure have a winner.

4. Easy Tuscan Bean Soup

Easy Tuscan Bean Soup


The Wander Lust Kitchen lists this as the perfect soup that you can prepare during those stormy evenings or busy work nights. It doesn’t take long to make this one – 30 minutes to be exact – and offers a nutritious meal, having everything from zucchini to carrots.

5. Hearty White Bean Soup With Sausage

Hearty White Bean Soup With Sausage


Looking for the perfect soup to try out during breakfast? Delicious Meets Healthy has the right option for you. It’s not just a comfort food, it’s nutritious as well- having everything from dry beans, vegetables, spices to of course, sausage!

6. Homemade Bean And Bacon Soup

Homemade Bean And Bacon Soup


It’s going to be another favorite for you during breakfast time, and is sure to make you remember your childhood. Taste and Tell Blog tells it to be a bacon lovers delight – as you are sure to love the many bacon chunks in it! And with the veggies, it’s a complete nutrition package.

7. Slow Cooker Black Bean Recipe

Slow Cooker Black Bean Recipe


Addapinch refers this for one primary reason – you get more delicious soups when you make them in a slow cooker! All you need to do here is to set the timer and wait for it to cook – after mixing the ingredients of course.

8. Spinach and White Bean Soup

Spinach and White Bean Soup


Even if you don’t want to become as strong as Popeye, spinach has plenty of health benefits that you cannot ignore. With the spinach and white bean soup, which is easy to make in less than 30 minutes, you can do no wrong, according to Damn Delicious.

9. Easy Greek Bean Soup

Easy Greek Bean Soup


The Mediterranean Dish wants you to try out this recipe on any of your week day nights, and they promise that you won’t end up regretting it at all! This Fasolada is really nutritious, and you don’t even have to soak it up all night – like some other Fasolada recipes you would see!

Which of these bean soup recipes are you thinking of trying out first?